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10 suggestions Poet James Russell Lowell


The Poet asked:  “Oh what is so rare as a day in June?”

1.     The flame created by the burning of your paid-off home mortgage.

2.     The look on the face of a three-year-old child who hears her dad’s car coming up the driveway.

3.     A wife seeing her husband of 55 years pain-free after recuperating from back surgery.

4.     Your dog’s tail when someone brings him his dinner.

5.     Grandpa’s joy at finding where Grandma hid the cookies after she left to play Mahjongg with her friends all afternoon.

6.     Grandma’s joy when Grandpa finally agrees to get a haircut.

7.     Parking the car in a rainstorm thinking you left the umbrella at home— and then seeing it lying in the back seat.

8.     The happiness of a boy who sees his homing pigeon land in its coop after being missing for a week.

9.     Ten Lords a-leaping.

10. And a partridge in a pear tree.


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The Way I Look At Life

Hello, All!!

As we enter into the second week of the new year, I thought I’d write down some thoughts on life that might make us think and maybe laugh a little. Enjoy!!


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I Wonder…

I wonder about TV news. As a newspaper journalist I covered the Falkland Island conflict in 1983.  I remember seeing a fledging CNN news channel correspondent doing a stand-up report. He  didn’t mention Donald Trump once. 

Dr.  Larry  Day is  a retired  KU J-School  professor and  author of  Day Dreaming:  Tales From  the  Forth  Dementia available  on Amazon.

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A Thought While Walking the Dog

How many ants

On how many sidewalks

Have been stamped on

By laughing Children??

Dr. Larry Day is a retired KU  J-School professor, humor columnist and author of Day Dreaming: Tales From the Fourth Dementia available on Amazon.

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What’s Your 10 ?

Hello, All

Just a random thought from an ol’ geezer of a humor writer: If you are on a shortwave radio with someone you consider to be a half wit, do you seek the person’s current location by asking: “What’s your 10?”?

Dr. Larry Day is a retired J-School professor, humor columnist and author of Day Dreaming: Tales From the Fourth Dementia, a collection of fun short stories available on Amazon.

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