Notes To Garrison Keillor

I wrote “Garrison Keillor” in my computer file box and up came eight notes that I sent to Mr. Keillor (one a day for eight days) prior to the Erma Brombeck conference in March 2008,  I don’t think, when I met him in the hotel, I even mentined that, because there was no response from the Keillor office about my letters.

The Secret of Walter Mitty,” and “The Short Happy Life of Frances Macomber,” are on my list of the top ten stories ever written.

Somewhere in the top 100 is my own short story   “Heavenly Spin.”

That’s ego talking.

“…she made him a tomato salad and he ate it and they went up those well worn stairs and the house shook…”


Larry Day

Readers can find “Heavenly Spin” in my book of humor columns, Day Dreaming: Tales From the Fourth Dementia available on Amazon.





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