He’s Cured!!

Spring is here and I am SO grateful that I don’t have allergies.  My father suffered from “hay fever” (as it was called in the 1940s) when I was a kid.  He was a telephone lineman.  He worked outdoors all day long.  In the spring he would be stuffed up with hay fever all day, and often couldn’t sleep at night.  In the late 1940s  our neighborhood (in Idaho Falls, Idaho)  doctor (the kind that made house calls) was invited down to Salt Lake City to learn a new technique that was supposed to cure hay fever.  He came back and treated my Dad.  The doctor pushed flat sticks up my Dad’s nose. The sticks were coated with some kind of anti-allergic medicine.  Wow!   It cured my Dad’s hay fever and he never had it again. That was in the 1940s.  The anti-allergic  business sells millions of dollars of potions nowadays.  I wonder whatever happened to that Salt Lake doctors cure.

Dr. Larry day is a retired J-School professor turned humor writer. His book, Day Dreaming: Tales From the Fourth Dementia is available for purchase via his website: http://www.daydreaming.co

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