Excerpt From Notorious

Recently (the eccentric billionaire, Jeremiah) Teancrumpets complained to his trusted friend Angus McAngus: It’s not fair. I (have to) pay for a few measly insults and these pipsqueaks get public abuse heaped on them for free.

If a movie actor gets caught driving drunk, the mass media jump on it. Tabloids publish cheesy photos with screaming headlines, and the silly goose gets hours of coverage on cable television.

“Meantime, this anonymous band of blighters who trashed the economy fly under the media radar undetected. The names and faces of crooked bankers, phony derivative stock traders, shifty housing market manipulators and incompetent financial consultants should be more familiar to the public than entertainers.”

Excerpt from, “Notorious,” in Larry Day, Day Dreaming, Tales of the Fourth Dementia,  Visit my website: http://www.daydreaming.co & visit “Buy My Book” to download a copy of my book for $2.99.

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