Bound For Buenos Aires, Part II

Hello, All!!

Here is the long awaited second installment of last month’s story of  trolling through the high seas. Enjoy the next part of “Bound For Buenos Aires”.

We sailed that afternoon.  As we got out of the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean the sea got rough.  The Caribbean wasn’t as “smooth as glass,”  as my Dad had experienced.  It was rolling and pitching.  The captain said, “I’ve never seen this part of the Caribbean so rough.  Chris said, “That’s because I’m on board.

Passengers ate in the dining room with the crew. There were eight passengers on our freighter:  Chris and me—the young marrieds; a mother and her late teen daughter; a Brazilian couple bound for their home in Santos; a pair of  American Catholic priests,  bound for Rio de Janeiro to spend the rest of their lives in in church service in Brazil.  One priest was in his fifties, the other in his late twenties.  The younger one, like Chris, didn’t have “sea legs.”  He said that he belonged to the “Railroad Irish,” who didn’t respond well to travel on water.  The young priest and Chris didn’t come up on deck much during that Caribbean crossing, and neither came to meals in the dining room.  The captain told me to tell Chris to limit liquid intake and to eat hard rolls.  I took hard rolls to our cabin for Chris after every meal.  Somewhere off the northwest coast of South America the sea became calmer and both Chris and the young priest got feeling better.

Dr. Larry Day is a former potato picker, reporter, copy editor, foreign corr., Fulbright lecturer, coach of journalists on 3 continents, author & now, he’s an ol humor writer. You can pick up his latest book of short stories, Day Dreaming: Tales from the Fourth Dementia on




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