Bound For Buenos Aires

This is a true story. It chronicles one of my many adventures as a foreign correspondent. I was a young 27-year old writer back then and throughout the years, life has taken us on quite the journey!!  My wife and I just celebrated 55 years of wedded bliss. Enjoy!!
Chris and I got married in mid December (1960) and in early February were scheduled to take a freighter from New Orleans, bound for Buenos Aires.  We were supposed to sail at noon. Chris gets really seasick so she took two Dramamine tablets.  Then, when we got to the dock, the ship was still being loaded. The Purser said it would be a three hours before we could board.  he suggested we go to a movie at a theater near the dock. We went. Chris fell asleep before the movie started, and was still asleep when it ended.  I had to practically lug her back to the ship.  We boarded and got to our cabin.  There were six other passengers. We ate with the captain and the crew.  Chris was encouraged by my father, who had sailed to fight in WWI by way of the Caribbean.  He said, “The Caribbean is a smooth as glass.”  (To be continued).
Dr. Larry Day is the author of Day Dreaming: Tales From the Fourth Dementia, a book of humor columns that have NOTHING to do with old age!!
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3 thoughts on “Bound For Buenos Aires

  1. Sailing to Buenos Aires must be nice. We took the ferry between Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay and Buenos Aires and well even the sea in rio grande could be rough.

    • Dear Jesper,

      When my wife and I lived in Buenos Aires (both times: early 1961 and in the year 1974-75) we took the ferry across from Buenos Aires to Montevideo then up the coast by omnibus to the resort at Costas del Mar. That is a beautiful place. There are miles of white sand beaches and the ocean water has iodine in it that gives one a beautiful bronze tan.

      In previous existence (when I was in my early 20s) I spent two-and-a-half years in Uruguay. I spent time in places like Tacuarembo, Paysandu, Trienta y Tres, Isla Patrulla, Melo, Artigas. Artigas, by the way, is named for one of South America’s great patriots.

      Best wishes, Larry Day

  2. Many people will be benefiting from your writing
    because they’re great. Many thanks!

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